Why did I start this blog ?
It felt right, to share my knowledge, thoughts and ideas. It will be mostly about computers and related technologies. Hope you’ll like it.

What frishit means ?
My nickname is frish and so it has couple of meanings: frish-it as “just frish it”, frish-IT as in “information technology”, and fri-shit, as in I’m going to write a lot of technical posts which would hopefully be interesting for some but obviously gonna make many bored. Yeah, that’s my sh!t… and you get it for free.

Why in English ?
I’m not native speaker so first, it’s good practice for me. Second, I believe in sharing and free information, so international language is kinda must. Feel free letting me know if you find mistakes (don’t be too harsh).

Who am I
My name is Gal Frishman. I’m on my late twenties. I started “playing” with computers when I was six, and ever since then I never stopped and when I say play it’s not necessarily games. In fact, it usually isn’t.

I’m currently employed as a malware analyst. Before that I worked many years  in the IT industry, specializing in unix/linux platforms. I got deep understanding of different “system” areas such as networking, storage, backups etc.

I like to think, explore and understand how and why things work. I believe in god but I’m not religious. I’m a very logic person but also know there is no one truth. So what am I ? a little bit of everything I guess…