These “projects” are more like different things I’ve done/want to do that interest me. Not the kind I would write on my CV, more like things I put some time and effort in, and if anyone is interested I can write more about. Everything is for educational purposes only, so without further due, my “lab” projects:

iPhone developing/hacking

  • Get a jailbroken iphone – V
  • Study Objective-C basic syntax – V
  • Build saurik’s linux toolchain – V
  • Study OS X reversing basics – V
  • Understand ARM/Thumb assembly – For now, I use cheatsheets when needed (sucks)
  • Study Objective-C runtime basics – V
  • Find easy tool for converting Objective-C commands to ARM opcodes
  • Reverse & patch for fun (adding functionality, not cracking games!) – In progress
  • Understand binary signing process – I tried. TOO boring, even for me
  • Understand mach-o file structure and build “external code injector”
  • Understand baseband processor (how it works, commands…) – Partially, but since it tend to screw my iphone I stopped

Wii Hacking

  • Install BootMii – V
  • Backup my entire Wii system – V
  • Install homebrew channel – V
  • Change my Chinese system language to English (it can’t be done through menu) – V
  • Make modern games work without system menu update – V (thanx DOP-Mii)

Multihoming (Expanding my internet connection bandwidth and reliability)

  • Study the theoretical background that makes multihoming possible – V
  • Optimize my wireless card reception / transmission distance – V
  • Connect to more than one network simultaneously – V
  • Configure multihoming using netfilter/iptables – V
  • Check TCP based applications (over multiple links) – V
  • Examine performance with P2P applications – V
  • Study and play with SCTP – Unfortunately I never got the time 🙁


  • Code and contribute plugins to Vity’s FreeRapid Downloader – V
  • Make minimal virtual Linux environment for “destructive” experiments – V
  • Program to duplicate running process’ file descriptors and tty – Was too much (read here)
  • Reversing the way android identifies itself to google servers – V
  • Script to get download links for my favorite TV shows (which got no torrents, otherwise I would’ve used ted) – V
  • Program to fix hebrew on my ipod color after Amarok sync (quite old!) – V