Author: frishrash

  • The Facebook unliker

    I was looking for an easy way to remove my Facebook “likes”. I couldn’t find any, so I made a little app to the rescue 🙂 Check out:

  • I’ve been busy

    Sorry for not publishing anything for a long time. I’ve been busy finishing my bachelors and finding a job. Anyhow, I found out that my A-Z game has won July’s Dreamhost site of the month contest, which is really cool. It also means more traffic and more people cheating the system (FUN!), so I applied […]

  • The fine art of human detection (how to fight bots)

    Through the history of computers, there were always programs trying to mimic human actions/behavior. From ELIZA in the sixties to these days the task raises in different fields of computers science: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, image processing, etc. Particular type of programs are designed to mimic or automate human-computer interactions. They produce inputs for other […]

  • Mysql selecting top N per group

    It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy lately. You may have noticed that I made a nice WEB2.0 game “How fast can you type the alphabet”. The game is simply about typing a-z as fast as you can and it keeps track of your best score. Currently three alphabets are supported: […]

  • A-Z

    Do you remember the good old “how fast can you type a-z” contest ? Well, I recently needed to study jQuery and I always wanted to do develop using facebook’s API so I made this little webapp for old times’ sake. I think it’s pretty cool!

  • Me, myself and FOSS

    I’m a big fan of open source. Not only in context of open source vs. proprietary discussion but also with it’s spirit. I truly believe that by sharing ideas, information and communicating with each other we can make this world a better place. I could make the rest of this post all about how good […]

  • I’ve done it. again.

    It seems that only yesterday I moved from blogspot to, and now I’m moving again. Yes! I finally have my own domain, which is quite exciting!! The new url if you haven’t noticed yet: All RSS followers, please update feed URL. Actually if you read this from your RSS client, it means that […]

  • Setting up XMPP BOSH server

    This tutorial explains how to setup/troubleshoot XMPP server with BOSH. I’m not getting into what is XMPP and what is it good for. The first two paragraphs are theoretical. XMPP is stateful protocol in a client-server model. If web application needs to work with XMPP a few problems arise. Modern browsers don’t support XMPP natively, so […]

  • iPhone tethering with Ubuntu

    Today was my first time I used iPhone tethering. Tethering means connecting computer to the internet using iPhone’s cellular connectivity (3G/EDGE). The iPhone connects to the computer via USB cable or Bluetooth and uses as a cellular modem. It’s useful when you’re away with a laptop and no wireless hot spots around. There are many tutorials […]

  • JeOS on VirtualBox

    I always needed test environment for my destructive experiments.  Sandbox, if you want. A place I can do whatever I want without worrying about the consequences. I’m tired of destroying my operating system. I’m talking about these times when I modify and rebuild kernel modules/kernels/libraries for experimental purposes, such as making KVM support Mac OS […]