Month: April 2010

  • Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

    Today, Canonical will release Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (long term support). I’m usually not so enthusiastic about new Ubuntu releases, but this time is different. They added some sweet features, well, at least for me, which didn’t get proper public relations. This is not a comprehensive review of the new features. It’s about new features I […]

  • Paradoxes, self reproducing code, and bash

    I was always fascinated by paradoxes. They are just shamelessly out there, messing with our minds, sending us one message: we’re logically irresolvable, don’t f*ck with us. As a child I really liked this one: The statement below is true. The statement above is false. This is classical liar’s paradox. Each statement alone can be […]

  • Man in the middle with TLS/SSL

    Man in the middle attack (aka MITM) is very famous and well known network attack. Lately I found myself playing with it, turning my theoretical knowledge into practical methods (on my own computers of course). I’m going to try explain the theory, as well as practical methods I tried, including attacks on TLS/SSL. Is it […]

  • Faking the Green Robot – Part 1

    On last November, Google Labs released cool feature, called “Green robot icon”. If enabled, it turns the bubbles next to your chat buddies in Google Talk, into cute android robots, for buddies connected via android device. It might not be the best thing for android users’ privacy, but other than that I think it’s pretty cool, and I want […]

  • This is how it all started

    Hey. I planned this post to be about Linux, FOSS and iPhone, starting with the sentence “I wasn’t always like this”, telling you guys about my transition from Windows to Linux desktop, the problems I had back then, and how Linux desktop is in a whole different place now, where you can plug Apple’s closed-encrypted-never-designed-to-work-on-linux […]

  • Chatting with the dark side

    Sometimes, it happens that I prefer being anonymous on the net. I’m not talking about “big brother” conspiracies and how google knows everything about me. It’s probably true, but I’ve nothing to hide from them. I’m talking about situations where I need to reach darker areas of the net, areas swarming with evil. I don’t […]

  • We don't need no Microsoft education

    My college, for some reason really likes Microsoft. All the workstations run windows, documents are always in office format, software development is done in visual studio, the website used to look normal in IE only, etc… I expected computers science department to provide us students with alternatives, expose us to different platforms, but it didn’t […]

  • My new OpenPGP key

    This is my new OpenPGP key (for the next year): F2ED25CE. If you don’t know what it means, it’s probably irrelevant for you… Oh well, basically you can use it to send me encrypted email/files so only I could read them. I can use it to sign on my emails/files (so the receiver can verify […]

  • Virtualizing Mac OS X on Linux

    In my last post I wrote about virtualization. Here I’m going to introduce the world of virtualizing Mac OS X (Apple’s operating system) on linux. Why would anyone want to run Mac OS X on virtual machine? Many reasons. Some people buy Apple’s computer but prefer linux as an operating system. However they still use […]

  • Trinity: Acer, AMD and the holy BIOS modders

    This story is about three things I despite: bad support, not fully utilizing my computer’s hardware and injustice. At least it got happy ending 🙂 It all started two years ago when I purchased my current computer, Acer aspire L5100. It looked sexy, compact, had good spec and was on a special sale. The processor […]